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TropiCBD Treats are made from delicious, healthy ingredients that dogs love! With 20 treats in a bag, each one contains 4 mg of 100% full-spectrum CBD exclusively sourced from our partner farm in Northern Colorado. While CBD is a great daily boost of antioxidants for your four-legged friend, TropiCBD Treats can also be used to increase the quality of life and ease joint pain, arthritis,anxiety, seizures, and a variety of other ailments that come with age.

Chill by mount ara™ Calming Spread is carefully crafted for your furry friend to reap all the h..
Chill by mount ara™‘s Super Bite Chew Toy is now paired with our Chill by mount ara™..
    TropiCBD Treats are 100% USDA organic with at least 4mg of full-spectrum CBD..
mount ara™‘s Super Bite Chew Toy is now paired with our mount ara™ Spread!mount..
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