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Chronic Candy uses CBD as the key ingredient in all of our products. Infusing with a wide range of ingredients can be a challenging task. Several years of R&D has gone into the creation of Chronic Candy products. Working with the purest form of CBD, an isolate that ranges 99% purity.

Hemp oil with a high CBD potency used to be how we infused our products. Using hemp oil as the key ingredient proved to be a challenging task, limiting the products & application.

After 20 years Chronic Candy has established a reputation, known for high-quality CBD products. Our team is constantly working on new innovative applications for CBD enhanced products. We’re still touring the country promoting the benefits of CBD and the lifestyle behind it.

Chronic Candy's newest product of 2019! Do you have a sweet tooth like us? We've got you covere..
Chocolate Buds are the new line of CBD infused chocolate treats from Chronic Candy. These delicacies..
 A new way to enjoy some of the finest nature has to offer! Indulge your tastebuds in a classic..
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